The Story of the
400 Rabbits

A long, long time ago in ancient Mexico lived the Aztecs. The Aztecs worshiped a whole pantheon of mythical deities.
Amongst these Gods was Mayahuel, the fiery Aztec Goddess of agave.
Led by Ometotchtli, King of the bunnies, the 400 Rabbits were responsible for guarding the precious pulque of Mayahuel.
Instead, they all got drunk and partied.

It is said that when drinking agave spirits the 400 Rabbits inhabit us all.
So come join the party and let the bunnies in!
(We encourage responsible drinking)

The Bar

Nottingham’s first and only dedicated Mezcaleria, Tequila and cocktail den. Specialising in agave spirits, crafting incredible cocktails and serving up Mexico’s finest cervezas. Find us on Hurts Yard, between Market Square and Upper Parliament Street.

Slinging drinks since  November – 2015